How do I set up Xero integration?

Integration is easy! For more help, review the Xero Setup Guide below.

What Xero data comes into Invoice Bright?

Invoice Bright has read-only access to your Xero data and does not update any data within Xero. Below is a list of the Xero data that is transmitted to Invoice Bright:


How secure is my data?

Invoice Bright has read-only access to your Xero data. All information is transmitted and stored encrypted in data centers with the highest level of security which are managed by Amazon Web Services.

When does data sync occur?

As soon as you integrate with Xero, Invoice Bright will perform an initial sync. This will pull in your most recent Invoices, Bills and Contacts. Thereafter any updates you make in Xero will automatically transfer to Invoice Bright minutes after you make changes.

The Invoice Bright platform automatically matches your Invoices with your Customers’ AP Status information.

How do I disconnect from Invoice Bright?

You may disable the Xero integration by going to Setup > Integrations and then clicking the Remove Integration button.

Setup Guide

Xero Integration

How to Integrate with Xero

Xero syncing with Invoice Bright requires the user to initiate the connection from Invoice Bright to Xero.  The user will then follow the prompts from Xero and be returned to Invoice Bright to complete the sync.

If you do not already have an Invoice Bright account, click Register Now to create and account automatically using your Xero login.

1. In Invoice Bright, go to My Account > Integrations and hit the +Add Integration button.


2. A list of Accounting Systems with active Invoice Bright APIs will appear.  Click on the Xero box.


3. You may be taken to the Xero Login screen as shown below.  Please login into Xero with the appropriate email address and password to get to the Xero account you desire to sync with Invoice Bright.  You are in the Xero environment, Invoice Bright can not see the used email address and password.


4. The below is the Xero App Permission screen.  Please read it carefully and click the Allow Access button.


5. You are now complete and your Xero to Invoice Bright sync will begin and run automatically.

Please proceed to My Account > Settings to set up your Alerts and Notifications and other settings.